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  • Horsemanship Yoga
  • Journeys 4H for Adults and Teens
  • Virtual Horsemanship Yoga classes
  • Ranch Horse pleasure


Ride in Unity

"Colleen addresses both the mental and physicals aspects of riding. She puts you in tune with your mind, your body, and your horse. She has helped me internalize strategies to overcome fear and anxiety from past bad experiences with riding, as well as giving me exercises to strengthen and create 'muscle memory'  for my body in the saddle. Colleen understands how to help the rider "put it all together" with his or her horse for a successful partnership. "
 -Denise Harvey

Horsemanship Yoga

Using a combination of mounted and ground exercises this clinic offers a unique and stress free approach to centered riding.  Students will learn body awareness and how to stay balanced on their horse to allow for better communication and a more enjoyable ride. Limit 8 riders per mini clinic. Clinics are held once a month at Glencroft farm in Southampton starting in April or May (depending on weather). Dates to be announced. Each clinic runs about 2 hours and is $75.
Prices vary for traveling clinics. Please contact me for details

Horsemanship Yoga Sessions

About a 1.5 hour session including some ground and mounted poses and riding working on specific needs of the rider and their horse or on one of my horses. Private or semi private class available. Sessions are by appointment and rider chooses what they would like to work on, class will be planned around their request. Travel expenses are added for locations that are more than a 30 minute drive from Granby Ma.
$65 for semi private
$75 for private

Virtual Horsemanship Yoga Classes

These classes will consist of talking with you via phone or email to find out what your strengths are and what you want to work on. You will send me a short (10-15 minute) video that consists of walk, trot, canter, stop, back up, circles, squares, serpentines and any other movements you are working on from front and back angles. Myself and a yoga instructor will put together a class for you and either Skype, call or send a video it back to you.
$65 per class


I offer training for all breeds and levels from starting a young colt to finishing an adult western performance horse. Specializing in Ranch Horse Pleasure, Stock Horses and western performance horses.  Horses are started with a solid foundation of groundwork and then moved along under saddle at a steady pace.  They are never rushed, which produces a very solid and trusting life long partner.
$850 per month includes board, training and sessions with the owner. Two spots available for June-August.

Journeys Horse and Hound 4H

For adults and teens who want to make a difference in themselves, their animals and their community.  This group will focus on rescue and rehab of both animals and people, learning techniques for both while volunteering at vet centers, hospitals and therapeutic centers bringing trained animals in for service as well as volunteering at animal rescue sites.  Projects will include training horses and dogs to be service animals, pets for vets, holistic health and horsemanship clinic, Horsemanship Yoga, and many more. We will also focus on becoming better horsemen and dog owners, learning animal behavior and body language, how to have a more harmonious ride, feel, and more.

For sale

Bella 12 yr.old, 14.3  black Morgan mare daughter of 5 time world champion Sante Fey's Renegade,also star of Cowboy Dressage. Bella would be a fantastic Cowboy Dressage horse, dressage or western horse. She is willing, forward, comfortable, soft and likes to work. She is working on headset, collection and slowing the canter now. She is green on the trail but will like them if she has someone introduce them to her in a pleasant way. The short rides we have taken she has loved but she has a few spooks. $6500

For Full On Farm Lease with lessons

Felix is looking for a partner. 10 year old TB gelding. Smart, trainable and athletic. He would excel at Dressage, Hunters or western dressage. Under saddle at the walk and trot. He knows how to sidepass, leg yield, roll back, collect, quarterturn, stop and back softly off the seat. He will be perfect for someone who wants to learn how to finish a horse and learn how to train with Natural Horsemanship methods. We are looking for someone who would like to lease long term (1 year to life long) You will be welcome to show, trailer off property and trail ride when he is ready.

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