Campbell Equine
Natural Horsemanship Training and Horsemanship Yoga


  Heroes, Horses and Hounds is a 501c3 non profit focused on rescuing unwanted horses and dogs and retraining them for service and animal assisted therapy. Fully trained animals are placed with a person in need or used in one of our animal assisted programs.  Programs and service animals help Veterans and civilans with PTSD, kids with autism, kids at risk and people with other disabilities. Please visit for a full description of our services and programs!

Follow us on facebook  at Heroes, Horses and Hounds and contact me if you would like to get involved!

We are in the beginning stages of building a center for Campbell Equine and Heroes, Horses and Hounds. The center will host clinics, training and lessons as well as certify people in training, teaching, Equine therapy, animal assisted therapy and more! This center will be available for anyone in need and have a variety of unique programs that are not available anywhere else. 

 I have been working with horses, dogs and people for almost 20 years. I have spent endless hours learning and teaching different ways to allow people to understand and communicate better with their horses and dogs. I have dreamed of building an equestrian center where people could learn and succeed with their own horses or in helping others with theirs. As well as promoting and teaching animal assisted therapy, therapeutic riding, training service animals, Equine, Canine and Human body language classes and other equally beneficial programs.   I have finally come to a place where I am ready to make my dream a reality! 

  This center will eventually offer programs for Equine and Canine Assisted Therapy for PTSD, abuse, rape, troubled teens, Natural Horsemanship Training, Horsemanship Yoga, Massage, Myofacial unwinding, Drug and alcohol recovery programs, movement analysis, rescue, rehab, and 4H groups.  Classes will be taught by a combination of on staff instructors and trainers as well as guest clinicians and college professors. Students will have the option of weekend clinics, weekly classes, certificate programs and internships.  There will be scholarships and work programs to allow anyone in need to be able to take a class.    

     We are now working towards raising $85,000 for a down payment. To donate go to

This will be the first center of it's kind and available to anyone who needs help or wants to learn!  There are so many who will benefit from all walks of lives and so many horses and dogs! It is my way of making the world a better place and the people, dogs and horses in it happier!


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