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Horsemanship Yoga
Achieving Greatness through Simplicity.

Horsemanship Yoga is a unique, stress free and enjoyable way to improve your riding. Combining traditional ground poses geared towards riders, mounted poses and riding to give you a better understanding of body awareness, balance, relaxation and better communication with your horse.

 Here is what some people have said about what they learned in the class....

"New techniques for relaxing and connecting to the horse...
The exercises we did with the horses from the ground.  I found I was able to relax – and therefore stretch more when I was using the horse as my partner.  They have a very calming effect."- Sheila K.

"Relax!  You don't need to "control" the horse.  That was my first ever yoga class.  I stretch all the time, but it's not the same. I learned how to "sink"...  I loved it, I didn't want the day to end.."
 -Carol N.

"I learned how important breathing is -- for me and my horse!  It was amazing to truly ride from the CORE and experience how the minute shift in weight and balance affects my best friend --- both positively and negatively.
I loved actually having fun with yoga.  Laughing and learning that it is actually important to release our butts! -Chris S.

Mini Clinics for Horseback yoga and balanced riding....
  Mini  clinics will run about 4 hours with a short break. There will be a yoga instructor, Jennifer McNary or Sheila Thorn and a riding instructor, Colleen Campbell working with individuals in the class.  Small class size of no more than 8 riders insures lots of personal attention. we will also have a small number of auditing seats.  Auditors will be able to take part in the ground exercises. 

 I am still booking Horsemanship Yoga clinics at other barns. Off site clinics can be booked for 4 hours or a full day. Number of riders and prices vary depending on length of clinic. Organizer gets a free spot in the clinic! Contact me for more details!
The Horsemanship Yoga Clinics at Sky High Farm have finished for this year. They will start again in May.
Check this website for a schedule in March!

Sorry for the delay for the 2015 schedule. I am waiting for the weather to get a little more consistent and the ground to dry up before I set a definite schedule. Clinics will tentatively start in June. Schedule will be posted by the end of April.

We were recently featured in Get Moving Boston in the Health and Wellness section of! Check out our video and article for a visual explanation of the yoga class!

Contact me for more info

New for 2015: Virtual Horsemanship Yoga Classes
New for 2015: Virtual Horsemanship Yoga Classes!
These classes will consist of talking with you via phone or email to find out what your strengths are and what you want to work on. You will send me a short (10-15 minute) video that consists of walk, trot, canter, stop, back up, circles, squares, serpentines and any other movements you are working on from front and back angles. Myself and a yoga instructor will put together a class for you and either Skype, call or send a video it back to you.
$65 per class

The winner of the virtual Horsemanship Yoga class is Brenda Ferris! Congratulations Brenda!

                    Building Unified Partnerships One Day Clinic

                                                               At Birch Glen Stables in Rowe, MA
                                                     25 Groll Rd. Rowe, Ma. 01367

                                         Sunday August 16, 2015 from 10am to 6pm


The morning will be centered around Mindfulness, which is the practice of being present to life with moment to moment awareness.  We will experience various mindfulness practices in the presence of horses.  Through enhanced observations, feeling and listening, we will explore interaction and relationship with horses on the ground.  

The afternoon will progress to Horsemanship Yoga, starting with a ground portion focusing on balance, stretching and breathing.  We will then do a mounted portion with poses to find balance on the horse and better understand how our body affects our equine partner.  

Finally, we will split into groups and put everything together in a riding portion to work on better communication and understanding by applying the skills practiced during the day.


Times:  The morning will run from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, with a lunch break from 1:00 pm -2:00 pm.  The afternoon will run from 2:00 pm -6:00 pm (time may be adjusted depending on the size of the group).

Lunch:  A light lunch of fruit, salad and sandwich fixings will be provided.  Feel free to bring your own food.  

 Group Size:  The clinic will be limited to twelve people.  Bring your horse or work with ours. If bringing your own horse, please bring a current coggins.

Costs:  $150.   (If you will be using one of Colleen’s horses, there will be an additional $25 charge to help cover her trailering costs).  Due at time of sign up to hold your spot.

Accomodations: (if needed) There are some different overnight options available including Bed and Breakfasts in and near Rowe; hotels in North Adams or Greenfield.  You can also bring a tent and/or sleep in your trailer.  


Colleen Campbell: is a Horse Trainer and Instructor with Campbell Equine. She is the founder of Horsemanship Yoga, a unique teaching program that helps people better understand their horse and drastically improve their ride and relationship with their horse through simple changes. She works out of Sky High Farm in Leverett, Ma where she teaches regular lessons on finished reining horses, Trains and shows in Ranch Horse Pleasure and takes in horses for starting under saddle or finishing.

Shay Whitman Cooper, RYT received her first yoga teaching certification from Kripalu in 1989. 
She and her husband Charles Cooper opened Prana Health & Yoga Center in Salem shortly thereafter.
It was one of the first Health & Yoga centers on the North Shore.  Teaching many classes per week over the years her love for the power and mystery of the art of yoga grew and continues to grow.  Studying many other styles and approaches including, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara her focus now is one of embracing the moment often with smiles, sounds and laughter. She continues to teach classes in Wendell and recently offered "Transformational Yoga:... Changing the brains pathway for nourishment.
an application of yoga and neuroplasticity

Joan Schoenhals:  is a counseling psychologist and experienced group facilitator.  She is founder of the "Journey with Horses" programs at Birch Glen Stables in Rowe, MA.  She shares the Birch Glen horses, her own skills, and the talents of emerging practitioners in the field of equine assisted growth and learning through workshops, coaching, retreats, and other opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth and development.  

Annie Skillings:  has lifelong experience in the horse world as an instructor, coach and trainer.  Embodied mindfulness is at the core of her work, in which she applies three decades of her mindfulness practice to her work with horses and their people.  Annie worked for 13 years at the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical Center with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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