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Training Methods

Ride in Unity
Enjoy building the perfect partnership through communication and understanding

Using methods developed by Bill Durance.  I focus on making things clear and easy to understand for the horse by making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. When the horse does what I want he gets a release.  Horses learn from the release of pressure, once they feel that release they try to get it again and from that they learn how to be soft, relaxed and enjoyable riding horses.  Sessions are kept short and always end on a possitive note so the horse comes back fresh and eager to try again the next day.  I like to expose the horse to as much as I can while they are with me.  The more they see and learn won't hurt them the more dependable they become. I also focus on ground manners as much as under saddle work.  Every horse learns to be repectful in every situation.  All horses learn at their own pace.  I don't rush them through anything or push them harder than they can handle.  By keeping things consitant and not scaring them I can achive much better results.

    While the horse is in training I like to work with the owner as well and show them what I am doing so they can continue the lessons at home.  If the owner knows how to coninue to communicate with the horse their partnership will be successful.

Achieving Greatness through Simplicity
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