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Journeys 4H

Journeys 4H Horse and Hound

For adults and teens who want to make a difference in themselves, their animals and their community.  This group will focus on rescue and rehab of both animals and people, learning techniques for both while volunteering at vet centers, hospitals and therapeutic centers bringing trained animals in for service as well as volunteering at animal rescue sites.  Projects will include training horses and dogs to be service animals, pets for vets, Holistic Health and Horsemanship clinic, Horsemanship Yoga, and many more. We will also focus on becoming better horsemen and dog owners, learning animal behavior and body language, how to have a more harmonious ride, feel, and more.

Journeys 4H is just starting and accepting members and volunteers. Keylee has been entered into a service dog class. She will be trained and certified as a service dog so she can help teach kids what a service dog should do and help run programs with the group. Brady is also going through training and will be a registered therapy dog so he can teach kids what therapy dogs do and run programs with the group.

As the group forms the members and volunteers will all be involved in deciding with projects we do, where we volunteer and what programs we would like to start and run. The members will also be involved in every aspect of starting and running a canine rescue group for service dog prospects, running, fund raising and budgeting for the rescue, evaluating, choosing, training and placing service dogs with appropriate candidates.

This group is a wonderful opportunity for kids who love animals and are interested in leadership, running a business, event planning and management, rescuing, training, animal assisted therapy, psychology and/or community service. It also will look great on a college application!

There will be visiting teachers and professionals from a variety of fields to give the members and volunteers an opportunity to learn from and make connections with people in the field.

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