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Ride in Unity

I started asking for a horse when I was two years old.  After finally convincing my parents it wasn't a phase I started riding at 12 years old. I immediately started working at the barn in exchange for lessons.
I started ridding hunt-seat all through high school and into college. I then dabbled in every other seat from Dressage to Saddle seat until finding and falling in love with western riding and reining.
      After high school I completed a year long internship at the UVM Morgan Horse farm. I then enrolled at Umass Amherst in their Equine Studies program. While I was at Umass I joined the equestrian team and met Joe Delano. Joe became my mentor and taught me everything I know about reining and Natural horsemanship. I graduated as a certified instructor with an Associates in Equine Studies. I started working full time at Sky High Farm teaching lessons and training horses. Since college I have continued to work closely with Joe Delano as well as attending clinics by Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson
and Stacy Westfall. I continue to read, attend clinics and watch many videos by top trainers to further my skills.
     I specialize in Ranch Horse Pleasure, training western performance horses, working with timid riders, and anyone who wants to learn the finer points of riding to form a lasting bond with their horse. My training emphasizes a trusting relationship where people and horses are allowed to achieve their full potential at their own pace.

Colleen Campbell, owner

Campbell Equine

  Me with my other mentor Luke
   waiting on cows

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